DotBlock is a privately owned multimillion dollar web hosting company with its headquarters in Clifton Park, New York. Its strategic location in the Upstate New York Valley allows the company to be stable and ensures a strong base of skilled computing experts ready to attend to customers’ queries. It provides VPS services to customers and sellers from any part of the world. From its founding in 1999, it has offered VPS services to at least 80,000 satisfied customers. This can be confirmed by a good DotBlock review each customer has given.

DotBlock also provides a secure and trustworthy cloud hosting environment that enable customers to choose the resources that satisfy their needs.

What Can DotBlock Do?

DotBlock’s cloud infrastructure is designed to be platform independent and has the power to host over 20 operating systems. These operating system installations range from Windows Server edition to Linux-based OS platforms. They enable customers develop, design, and deploy their own web hosting environment in a matter of minutes. This will cost them a minimum of $39.95 in a single month. It also gives them the option of choosing between 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

The company has unique DotBlock stacks which allow customers build blocks and install layers of useful software applications from cPanel to WordPress, Virtualmin, Minecraft, LAMP, Microsoft SQL / Web Server, OpenVPN, Asterisk, Ruby on Rails, OpenFire, vtiger CRM, nginx and other top ranked applications.

DotBlock Cloud Hosting Other Technical Specifications

  • Web-based user console and VNC access which make the cloud servers to be easily accessible
  • Fast Tier bandwidth which also allow easy access to the cloud servers
  • Top RAID-10 SSD storage which provides a secure and reliable data storage
  • Guaranteed CPU share with more whenever available
  • Hardware redundancy at every level from disk storage to network connectivity

Reseller Cloud Hosting

The company also offers a reseller cloud vps hosting package. With Cloud Hosting Reseller customers can now become their own web hosts and servers administrators. They can get access to cPanel or WHM license for a reasonable additional monthly fee. This fee may depend on whether they want a website or server control panel. cPanel and WHM are established interfaces which allow easy management of websites and servers respectively.


DotBlock provides phone support on each day of the week. However, customers can get support tickets on the internet for sales, billing or technical problems. Its website has customers’ account management area and also a base of customers’ more common questions regarding the company’s services. Also, on the website a customer can give a DotBlock review on how satisfied or unsatisfied they are with the company services.


The minimum block-based cloud hosting solution goes for $39.95 per month with additional fees depending on the operating system and server a customer chooses. The additional fees may also be due to excess computing power a customer may use in a given billing period.

Currently, the company provides a 30 day trial for one block of its SSD hosting services for only $9.95.


DotBlock Hosting Chile Pro


One Response to “DotBlock Review”

  1. Arun, CEO of says:

    I never thought that a VPS company can provide 3 GB RAM for only $9.95. Their VPS trial is excellent for those who want to start a small business on a minimal budget or even want to accommodate with a VPS. I bought it and after 30 minutes, I was already online.

    In 2 months I never experienced downtime or anything related to. I like their payment options, as I paid with PayPal, more comfortable! The customer service is just amazing and very helpful, they quickly answer all of my support tickets. If you want a successful business, go with DotBlock. They will increase your money in your pocket.

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