This Company boasts of the fact that they are able to set up the online virtual private server in under thirty minutes if you are using the windows operating system. This means that once you order the server, you are able to use it in as little as thirty minutes after your order has gone through.

If you are using Linux or would simply prefer the Linux operating system the company can have the servers online in less than fifteen minutes. This is very impressive, and you will be assured of quality services from the company.
In comparison to other service providers in the market the set up time that this company boasts it can do is very high. Just because the services are fast do not mean that you will have to be content with servers slow and unprofessional. The company has assurances that you will receive services that are professional and the VPS hosting server that you will get will be the best in the market and will be professionally handled.

The free management platforms that the LCN virtual server’s service provider offer include the Virtuozzo and the Plesk control panels that make the control of the server very easy for you. On the website, you can learn more about the two management platforms and be able to manage the online servers that you have. There is also the option of using the polar plesk control panel to control the VPS server more efficiently and in a fast manner.

This company offers various packages. One of the packages that they offer is the VPS Plus, which includes RAM capacity of 1 GB, hard disk space of between 50 GB, which includes unlimited data transfer. The package comes with a burstable RAM of 2GB and a money-back guarantee of 30 days. There is no set up fees and free boots with 99.99% uptime guarantee. The price that this package comes with is $38.25 per month. This package if you want to host multiple websites and seen as a better option than shred hosting.

The other package that you can get from the service provider is the VPS Enterprise, which is very fast and primarily ideal for hosting resellers. The package comes with guaranteed RAM of 2GB and burstable RAM of 4GB. The storage space that you will get with this package is 100 GB with the option of having up to 10 unique IP addresses. This means that you can step up various websites using this one server. The connectivity that you will get from this package is up to 100Mbit, and the data transfer is unlimited. With this package, you will also get the standard 99.99% uptime guarantee with free boots and zero setup fees. If you are not satisfied with the services that this company provides, then you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee that this package offers.
The hyper version that comes with the VPS services is tasked with the responsibility of translating mapping and converting the request that you place on the server.

You can interface directly with the host virtual server system so that you can modify, and change the system settings to suit your needs. The hyper version used to implement complete access in real time so that you can control the server fully and allocate the resources of the VPS hosting server as you see fit.

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