Having a virtual private server is pretty much the same, if not better, as having a physical dedicated server. The advantage the virtual server has over its cousin the physical server is it will save the user money in terms of expenses incurred when you buy physical servers. It also saves the user the power expenses, which can sometimes cut into the profit of the business.

Namecheap VPS company offers services which are both effective and professional thus you are guaranteed of getting the best services in the market. These services include several virtual server options that you can choose to use. There is the VPS lite Xen option, which comes with full 256 dedicated memory for the server, and 256-swap memory that you can make use off. The package contains 15 GB storage space and includes 100 GB bandwidth that comes with one dedicated and unique IP address. The goodies that come with this package also include 24-hour server monitoring that gives you the freedom to choose the operating system that you want. This package is priced at $19.95 per month.

The other package that is available from the NameCheap VPS Company is the VPS 1 Xen package. This package comes with a 512 RAM and 512-swap memory deal and offers 30 GB storage space with 250 GB bandwidth and 2 dedicated unique IP addresses. This package comes with the standard 24-hour surveillance of the VPS and the freedom to choose the operating system that you want. You will have to part with $29.95 per month to use this package.

The third package that the NameCheap VPS Company provides is the VPS 2 Xen package, which increases the memory to 1024 MB, 60 GB storage space, 500 GB bandwidth, and two IP addresses that you can use. The price range of this package is $49.95 per month. The VPS 3 Xen has the largest amount of memory at 1536 MB, storage space of 100 GB, and bandwidth of 700 GB. It comes with two dedicated IP addresses and like the other packages, comes with the standard customer care services and the option of operating any of the various types of operating systems in the market. The price tag on this package is $69.95 per month.

Apart from Xen, there is the OpenVZ option when it comes to the VPS hosting that this Company provides. Although it is not as powerful as Xen, it is still fully operational and much cheaper than the other platforms being offered.
The company offers you the opportunity to have a functional virtual server that is dependable. The infrastructure this company has is very good since the hardware property is a Dell or Supermicro enterprise class server and features 16 Intel XEON Processors, with 4 or 8 RAID10 hard drives and32GB DDR3 ECC RAM.

Included in all this is the fact the company offers a wide array of operating systems that you can use with the virtual private servers they have for sale.


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